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Ordena las palabras para formar oraciones.
1.- me/Mary/a/gave/book/./ _____________________________________________

2.- found/I/for/dog/Mary/the/./ __________________________________________

3.- card/John/we/a/to/sent/./ ____________________________________________

4.- promised/present/they/children/a/the/./ ________________________________

5.- mother/baked/cake/a/them/./ _________________________________________
Bring (traer)                take( (tomar)            an apartment                   a present
Deny(denagar)           enjoy(gozar)              the flu                               a patient
Examine (examinar)    rent(alquilar)             some friends                     a party
Wrap (envolver)          have (tener)              the pills                            the accusation
1.- Would you like to come to a party?
                - oh, yes. I always 1) ________________________________
                - Great! And can you 2) __________________________?
                - O.K. I’ll tell John and Mary. Do you still live in the same house?
                -No. Now Tom and I 3) ___________________________ in L.A.
2.-          -Hello, Dr Smith.
                -Oh, hi, nurse. Excuse me. I have to 4)____________________________.
                Now, Mr. Jones, what’s the problem?
                -I think I 5)_____________________________, doctor.
                - Well, here´s a prescription 6)________________________three times a day after eating.
3.-          -What do you need this paper for, Peter?
                - I have to 7)________________________________. It’s Mary´s birthday.
                - Mary! You’re in love with Mary!
                - What are you talking about?
                - Do you 8 ) _____________________________________?
                -Of course I deny it. I´m in love with you.

Ordena las palabras para formar oraciones.

stopped/car/the/./ _____________________________________________
cars/likes/John/./ ______________________________________________
him/Mary/ring/gave/a/./ ________________________________________
sent/Mary/he/letter/a/./ ________________________________________
men/ate/the/./ ________________________________________________
enjoy/children/parties/./ ________________________________________

Write a or an in the correct places.
Grammar note: Articles a and an.
Use a + singular noun before a consonant sound.
Use an + singular noun before a wovel sound.
            He is a carpenter                      He is an architect
            He is a good carpenter            He is an expensive architect.
1.- He’s carpenter. He works for construction company. He builds schools and hospitals.
2.- She works for travel company and arranges tours. She’s travel agent.
3.- He has interesting job. He’s teacher. He works in high school.
4.- She’s architect. She works for large company. She builds houses. It’s great job.
5.- She works with computers in office. She’s word processor. She’s also part-time student. He takes English class in the evening.
Complete this conversation with the correct words.
Tom: What ___does___ your husband __do___   exactly?
                      (do/does)                           (do/does)
Liz: He _____________ for a department store. He´s a store manager.
Tom: How ________ he __________ it?
                   (do/does)          (like/likes)
Liz: It’s an interesting job. He __________ it very much.
But he ___________ long hours. And what ___________ you __________?
              (work/works)                                           (do/does)               (do/does)
Tom: I’m a student. I _____________ architecture.
Liz: Oh, really? Where __________ you ___________ to school?
                                         (do/does)               (go/goes)
Tom: I _________ to Lincoln University. My wife, Jenny _________ there, too.
              (go/goes)                                                                  (go/goes)
Liz: Really? And what __________ she ____________?
                                        (do/does)             (study/studies)
Tom: She _____________ hotel management.
Liz: That sounds interesting. 
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