Ingles Basico Uno
1. How are you doing?
a) I’m reading

b) I’m fine, and yourself?.
c) I’m 25 years old
d) I fine, and you?

2. When’s Tim’s birthday? 
 a) Is in March
b) It’s in March.
c) It’s on March
d) It’s in March 12th

 3. How old are you?
a) I have 15 years old
b) I’m 15
c) I’m fine
d) I 15

 4. What’s your address?
a) I live in Puerto Rico
b) It’s Dalton 240
c) It’s 25 Shakespeare street
d) Its 567 Hamilton Avenue

 5. Whose jacket is this?
a) It’s the big one
b) It’s her
c) It’s Sandra’s.
d) It’s hers jacket

 6. Where is Bryan?
a) He’s at the computer.
b) He’s in the computer
c) He’s on the computer
d) He’s under the computer

 7. What are Sally’s children doing?
a) They are study
b) Their studying
c) They’re studying.
d) They study

 8. What does Timothy look like?
a) He likes to dance
b) He likes shopping
c) He’s tall and thin.
d) He looks like an actor

 9. How much does Sandy like to spend on weekends?
a) She likes to spend many money
b) She’s spending much money
c) She likes to spend just a few
d) She spends more than her sister.

 10. Are the children going to stay home?
a) Yes, they’re do their homework.
b) Yes, they do.
c) Yes, they are
d) Yes, they going to stay home.

 11. What are your skills?
a)  I’m a student
b) We can paint well.
c) We’re able of paint
d) I can to paint

 12. What did Tom and Joe do last summer?
a) They went swimming.
b) They went to swim
c) They swimmed
d) They went swim

 13. How much milk was there in the refrigerator?
a) It was a little water.
b) There was any water.
c) There was much water
d) It was much water.

14. How often do Jack and Sue go shopping?
a) They go shopping always.
b) They sometimes go shopping
c) Never they go shopping.
d) They don’t never go shopping.

15. What do you think of this car?
a) It’s more expensive that mine.
b) It’s the more expensive that mine.
c) It’s more expensive than mine
d) It’s expensiver than mine. .

16. It will __________ rain next weeks. 
a) maybe
b) perhaps
c) probably.
d) possible

 17. Before traveling abroad you ___________ your passport. 
a) must have.
b) must to have
c) must having
d) must had
 18. Which one is ________ for you? 
a) the ugliest
b) the most ugly.
c) the uglier.
d) ugliest.
19. What will happen if Jane ____________ early?  
 a) won’t arrive.
 b) didn’t arrive.
 c) doesn’t arrive
 d) isn’t arriving.
20. Do you know where ____________?  
 a) does Robert work.
 b) Robert work.
 c) Robert works
 d) does Robert works.
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