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  Please call me Andy

Write about yourself
My first name is ____________________________
My last name is ____________________________
Please call me ______________________________
2.- Names
A. Write M for male names and F for female names.
1.- _______ Joseph               5.- _______ Robert
2.- _______ James                6.- _______ Susan
3.- _______ Catherine           7.- _______ William
4.- _______ Elizabeth            8.- _______ Jennifer
B. Match each of these nicknames with a name above
a. _____ Bob    b. ____ Jenny     c. ____ Liz     d. ______ Sue
e. _____ Kate   f. _____Jim        g. ____ Joe    h. ______ Bill

C. Match the following
Michel Charles Kennedy          Kate
Smith                                          Ms. Sarah Raquel Jones
1.- a full name with a title.     3.- a full name without a title
______________________      _________________________
2.- a nickname                      4.- a family name
______________________     __________________________
3.- Choose the correct responses.
1.- A: Hi, I’m Liz.                   4.- A: Hello. I’m William Dean. Please
                                                call me Bill        
B: Oh, Hi  ___                            B: ____________________
Oh, hi                                     * Pleased to meet you, Mr. Dean.
What do people call you?           * Pleased to meet you, Bill.

2.- A: My name is Jim Holmes.   5.-A: Excuse me, what’s your name
B: ____________________           B: ____________________
Nice to meet you, Mr. Jim          * K-I-N-G
Nice to meet you, Mr. Holmes    * Joe King

3.- A: This is Jenny Parker.         6.- A: How do you spell your first
B: ____________________             B:___________________
Nice to meet you, Mr. Parker         * I’m Charlene
Hello, Ms. Jenny Parker.                * C-H-A-R-L-E-N-E.

Look at the answers. What are the questions?
1.- Jim: What’s your first name?__________
     Bob: My first name’s Bob.
2.- Jim: What_________________________
     Bob: My last name´s Hayes.
3.- Jim: Who _________________________
     Bob: That´s my wife
4.- Jim: What_________________________
     Bob: Her name es Rosa.

5.- Jim: Where _______________________
     Bob: She’s from Mexico.

6.- Jim: Who _________________________
     Bob: They’re my wife’s parents.

Choose the correct words.

1.- They’re my classmates.  _______ names are Noriko and Kate.                            
                                         They / Their

2.- We’re students. _______ classroom numbers is 108-C.                                       
                                  Our / We

3.- Excuse me. What’s _______ last name again?                                                       
                                     You / Your

4.- That’s Mr. Kim. _________ is in my class.
                                He / His
5.- ______ name is Elizabeth. Please call me Liz. 
     I / My
6.- This is Paul’s wife. ________ name is Jennifer.                    
                                       His / Her
7.- My parents are on vacation. ______ are in South Korea
                                                    We / They
8.- I’m from Venice, Italy. _____ is a beautiful city.                               
                                             It / It's
6.- Complete this conversation with am, are, or is.

Lisa: Who __are___ the men over there, Amy?
Amy: Oh, they _____ on the volleyball team. Let me introduce you.
Hi, Surachai, this _____ Lisa Nel.
Surachai: Pleased to meet you, Lisa.
Lisa: Nice to meet you, too, Surachai. Where __________ you from?
Surachai: I ____ from Thailand.
Amy: And this ______ Mario. He ______ from Brazil.
Lisa: Hi, Mario.
Pablo: And my name _____ Pablo. I _____ from Colombia. 

Mario is in English 101. He is from Cali, Colombia. His first language is Spanish, and he also speaks a little French. He wants to be on the school volleyball team. He says he doesn’t play very well, but he wants to learn!

Su Yin is in English 102. She is from Taiwan. She says she can write and read English pretty well, but she needs a lot of practice speaking English. Her first language is Mandarin Chinese. In her free time, she wants to play volleyball on the school team.

Elsen is in Mario’s class. She is from Mozambique, in southern Africa. She speaks Swahili and Portuguese. She is studying English and engineering. She wants to be an engineer. She says she does not play any sports, but she wants to make a lot of new friends in her class.

Finally, meet Ahmed. He is in English 103. He says he can speak a lot of English, but his writing is very bad! Ahmed is from Luxor in Egypt, and his a baseball player, and he wants to be on the school baseball team. 
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